Thursday, 17 September 2009


Oh I'm so fed up. I'm in on my own and have just got have a moan to someone and unfortunately for you dear reader you got the short straw.

I have just attempted to make a lovely lampwork cabochon for one of my ring designs and got to the very last tiny bit and the blimmin bead release has broken. I started again because I liked the colours and pattern so much, just got to the end of the second one and once more the bead release broke. Grrrrrr!!!!!!! I'm so cross. That's it I've stamped my feet, turned the torch off, turned the kiln off and have thrown my bananas out of my tree.



  1. How annoying, Shelley, I sympathise. You've probably done the right thing by stopping and, hopefully, when you go back and try again tomorrow, it will turn out fab!

  2. oh thats a pain in the you know what, hope you have more luck when you turn the torch back on , we need to see some more of your fab beads and rings