Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Drumroll please.....

Well the draw for the set of lampwork beads was certainly lots of fun and an interesting event which involved all of the Monkey troop.

In first Elizabeth Taylor and Jane Mansfield my two gorgeous Pilgrim geese they had a waddle over to where the names were folded up and...........
Errrrmm NO THANK YOU we are geese and don't do menial tasks around the garden HUMPH!! They were having none of it.

OK so then Lottie Floppy Dog decided that she would have a little sniff around and see what she could do to help as you can probably see she only has one eye and is blind in the other. Oh and if thats not handicapped enough she happens to be deaf as well. Needless to say a name still didn't get drawn out.

OK so who else do we know who could help us out..... ah here come Rita and Bob the Speckled Sussex

They said sorry you can cluck off, we aren't coming over there - no way, not with a terrier in the garden

OK then who do we know who are super nosey, super greedy and can't bear to miss a thing? Thats right..........we had better call in the Two Fat Ladies surely they will do the honours. Coooooeeeeeey, Charity and Hope where are you?
Here we are
Now lets have a look....

There ya go Dad

And the winner is......... ta daaaa

Now if you would just get in touch with your address I will pop the said beadies in the post to you.


  1. brilliant way of finding a winner, now I need to find out how to bribe animals so they can pick my name next time, hope the winner loves the beads

  2. LOL Karen a sure fire way of bribing them is to use food ;-)))

  3. ok will send you my name on paper made of food next time ;o)

  4. No word from TinyPixi yet. I'm going on hols tomorrow for a week and the beads are already packed up and waiting for an address.

  5. Ooops!!! Only just found out i won!!! Sorry for not being in touch......but i'm so happy!!!..Those beads are just lovely!!! :)

  6. LOL I managed to track you down in the end though :O) They will be on their way to you tomorrow morning