Tuesday, 30 June 2009


I don't believe it! They have returned and nicked another electric fence unit. I'm so angry and upset :O(

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Mr Toad

I took my camera up to the ponies with me this morning and I’m glad I did. I needed to move some stone and when I lifted a big piece of rock up this little guy was hiding underneath. Do you know what type of toad he is? I have no idea but I suspect he is quite young. I don't know why he just looks young to me LOL

Here's a few pics of my own personal glassy toad. He is the first one I made and nowhere near good enough but I really enjoyed making him.

He is a bead and I made him myself after buying a tutorial from Teresa Lailberte. I've put the link to Teresa’s website below. Do go and visit; she is one seriously talented lady.


Do you know I never used my camera much before starting this blog. I’m really glad I started it now.

I just wish I could get good shots of my beads, still as we say in bead world, practice, practice, practice.

Do you read your horoscope?

Sometimes I do and I was quite pleased to read my horoscope in the Sunday magazine this morning, the first sentence said “This should be one of the most rewarding times of the year for Scorpios” Yay, brilliant! About time!! I’ve had a bit of a run of bad luck recently – not as bad as some poor folk but bad enough to be thinking, “What’s coming next? When is this going to end? Is the moon in the wrong place or something?” – you know the feeling don’t you?

Anyway horoscope assured me that things were on the up – yippee :O) The sun is shining, it’s Sunday - not got to go to work, life is goooood.

So hubby and I went up to see the ponies first thing to put fly repellent on them and to move some stuff around ready for the workmen to come and put some hardstanding in the gateways. Firstly I got my ankles nettled – ouch! Not too bad though, that’ll teach me to put my wellies on won’t it. Then I scraped the skin off my wrist on the fence – ouch! – but not too bad. That’ll teach me to put long sleeves on won’t it? Still it is quite hot so short sleeves and trainers wouldn’t be considered to be out of order would they?

THEN......... and this is what realllllly made me cross was just as we were about to leave I noticed that some *insert expletive here has nicked my electric fencing unit! Grrrrr!! This a little battery powered box that sends an electric current through white tape to stop the ponies getting through to where you don’t want them to be, namely thick lush grass which makes Native ponies very poorly if they have too much. I think they cost around £150. So now I have to get another one – horoscopes PAH!

Kept my promise.

See I like to keep my promises :O)

Here are those beautiful beads. The murrini moths are on both sides so they show through the transparent glass in shades of warm summer evening and they are Brimstone moths.

She's a clever stick that Charlotte.



Sorry my photos are a bit rubbish they really don't do these beads justice.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Special treat for me today

I am a member of the glassy lampworking forum Frit Happens http://www.frit-happens.co.uk/ I recently signed myself up to take part in a bracelet/bead swap. I don't usually get involved in the swaps but couldn't resist having a go at this one. Whoop whoop wasn't I just the lucky one? For my swap partner I got the lovely, very talented, Charlotte http://www.bigbangbeads.com/ Why don't you have a peek at her website...... go on........you know you want to.
Good call Shelley. (I'm feeling a bit smug - I'm sure you can tell) I can't show you a photograph of the beads just yet because the blimmin battery ran out on my camera! Grrrrr. I promise as soon as I can I will put a photo up on here - worth waiting for I assure you.
I made two identical sets of beads as did Charlotte with the theme of "Hot Summer Nights" then we swapped. I got mine today along with a very generous gift of some murrine made by Charlotte. I now have to make two bracelets; same design - one for each of us. Charlotte is doing the same so we end up with two bracelets each - good eh?
I just hope I can do these beads justice, I've got loads of ideas and hopefully I will find time to have a go a making something this weekend. Yes of course I'll show you a picture when they're done.
Hope you've had something lovely happen to you today too.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Got rid of the stalker!

At last I managed to shake myself off and get rid of me stalking myself as a follower. I dont know how I managed to add myself as a follower and it's taken me 2 days to remove myself. ( I know I want the whole world to read my blog but upping the numbers by following myself was pushing it a bit far I think. )

Also I *think* I have now finished my essays - phew! I hope they are good enough 'cos if they come back to me or my tutor wants more work I'm going to cry. No really I mean it...I am going to cry and I promise you it's not a pretty sight. It usually involves a lot of blubbing, pathetic wailing noises and quite a bit of snot!

Have you ever seen anything like this?

Have you ? This is an egg that one of my chickens laid and it doesn't have a shell! It's like a soft rubber egg, all sqidgy and flubber like but not wet......no not wet at all that would be just plain yucky! It feels sort of velvetty. Velvetty now what sort of a word it that?!
I've been keeping chickens for years and I've never seen anything like it so I thought you might like a peek. Before you ask, NO - I'm really sorry but you can't have it. I have already let one of my vet nursey friends have it she's going to pickle it so that her vet nursey students can see it. If you look really closely you can just see the orange yolk in the middle.
If we were living in Victorian times I would sell it to a travelling freak show and make my fortune :O)

Well what do you reckon? Bizarre or what?

Now then I really must go, I'm supposed to be writing my last two essays to complete a verrrry boring qualification I'm doing at the moment YAWN! Right then I'll start the ironing..........

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Why the Monkeys?

Hello and welcome to my blog :O)

First things first - why the Monkeys? Well I have always praised my son by saying you're a Good Monkey and also my hubby says when I get nervous I go on and on hence the Monkey Chatter so it all seemed like a good idea when I was trying to come up with a blog title that I was allowed to have - whenever I thought I had a great one it wasn't allowed, then again I thought this was a great one but now I'm not so sure. See what I mean about the Monkey Chatter? I didn't even stop for breath there did I?

Anyhow as this is my first post I think I will leave it at that!

Errrrm.....I know that I am following myself but I can't seem to get rid of the stalker at the moment. Blogging hmmmmm this is going to be fun :O)