Friday, 9 April 2010

Beaded Treasure Bracelet

First make a 'few' lampwork spacer beads - I chose various shades of green and purple in both opaque and transparent glass , around a hundred should just about do it :o) Oh and don't forget to make a bead for the toggle, I made two so that I had a choice of size.

Next gather the necessary supplies, cord, seed beads, delicas, in complimentary colours and don't forget the G-S hypo cement glue and the pins.

Then start to weave them all together as per instructions from Robin Atkins in her book - Beaded Treasures. The book is available at StitchnCraft if you fancy buying it in the UK they do mail order.

Finished bracelet - after many, many hours of weaving, sore fingers and thumbs and mucho eyestrain! I think that's down to my age not the skill required ;o) Go on.... have a go at making one for yourself.
You don't have to use lampwork beads, you can use any beads - try Sooz at The Bead Shed for great service and products.


  1. wow,wow I soooo need one of these in pink lol, better get a wriggle on making spacers

  2. That's terrific! I'm so impressed how you managed with so many spacers on the go on your mandrel at one time, I have serious stresses when I try to do two at once!

  3. LOL Julia - I was soooo bored making them that I challenged myself to see how many I could do on one mandrel. I surprised myself too but couldn't do any more than 11 because I couldn't get any more depth on my bead release.

    If one is going wrong, don't stress over it, leave it and move onto the next one just remember to keep flashing them all through the flame to keep them warm - it gets to be quite a good game after a while. It's all down to practice really. Keep at it though, you will get there I promise.

  4. You wriggling yet Karen? We want to see a pic on your blog.

  5. A challenge...I like it! Currently the amount of bead release I get on my mandrel is only about 1" as I'm running out - I'll have to find a tube of some sort to get more on and give it a go. :o)

  6. Julia I use a long thin empty multi vitamin bottle with a child safe top - saves you getting bead release everywhere when you shake it. Have you had the bead release everywhere experience yet? It's not funny..... well maybe it is when you have had a few weeks to get over it LOL. You won't do it more than once that's for sure.

  7. Somebody's been busy! Lovely bracelet, Shelley

  8. Ooooh! Beautiful, lush, rich, sensuous, full bracelet here! Is this your first Woven Treasure Bracelet? If so, I commend you highly, as most first trys don't reach this level. Your beautiful LW beads do compliment it so nicely!!!

    The weaving will get easier and more automatic with practice, just like multiple beads on a mandrel. I love your pin, bead, cord, cement picture! Such an artsy way to show your supplies!

    Glad to hear that my book is available in England! I'll have to remember that, as people write to me about it from time to time!

    Cheers and thanks for the link! Robin A.