Sunday, 11 April 2010

Isn't this just fantastic?

I just love to see gardens, nice gardens, especially nice food bearing gardens and even better, gardens when all the family are involved and the love and care just radiates through.

The strange thing is I don't like gardening. I wish I did but I just can't bear the thought, never mind the feeling of soil under my fingernails. Not that I'm a girly girl you understand, oh no far from it. I'm more than happy working outside and looking after the animals and all that comes with that........ it's just..... soil under my fingernails.... ugggh I can barely bring myself to type it. Oh god now that's made me think about seaweed eeeek! I can't stand that either!!!

LOL I've just realised I'm sat here typing with a grimace on my face - pathetic!

I'm full of admiration for anyone who has the skill and love to be able to create something like this.

Nip over to Potters Patch and have a look.
All you have to do is click on the pic below :O) It's ace.


  1. Oh, I'm really touched! What a nice thing to say! You made me laugh about the fingernails and seaweed :o) I seem to permanantly have mucky nails with mud, clay or paint under them and come to think of it I like seaweed too! Now horses.....that's a different matter - eek! :o)

  2. LOL Oh god can you imagine having seaweed under your fingernails - I think I'm going to be sick!!!!