Thursday, 13 August 2009

Buffed hammered sterling silver ring

Here is a ring that I started making late yesterday and finished off this evening. Its a wide sterling silver band with a hammered texture to the outside and a secret message hand stamped on the inside.

I made one similar to this but with a plain band for my son when he was having a bit of a tough time with exams and other things - he loves it and wears it all the time.

I just wanted him to know that no matter what he is loved ALWAYS.

There are more photos on my flickr if you want to have a peep just click on the flicker box on the right hand side ----->


  1. Oh, Monkey, that is lovely and special and very, very beautiful!!

    Julie x

  2. Shelley, that's soooo lovely, you are one talented monkey!

  3. nice nice nice I like this very much

  4. Shelley, what a awesome ring! I would love to make my husband a ring..just not sure if he would wear it..he's so conservative, just the wedding band. But, I think he would wear it for me on weekends:)
    It's beautiful.

  5. I just ran into your site. Its funny I see myself in you.. of course you are much more talented but I live on a farm.. have animals.. chickens. donkeys etc and love to mess with jewelry! It was like wow there is someone like me :O