Sunday, 2 August 2009

I had a lovely morning

I had a lovely morning, looking after the animals and then my Mum and Dad came to visit. They bought some guests with them Tom and Bob who are old army buddies of my Dad (back in the days of National Service) and Toms wife Betty. Mum did a brilliant job of tracking them all down last year and she got them together after about 50 years of not seeing each other.

I'm so pleased they have all found each other again; but in a way I'm sad that they have missed out on 50 years of great times together. I can't begin to imagine what it must be like to do armed service and rely on each other to watch your back and protect your life - literally. This sort of friendship is extra special and I have to say that every one of Dads friends are absolutely lovely, lovely people - I'm proud to have met them and I'm so very, very grateful for what they and others have done and still do for all of us.
They are off to a reunion/get together for a few days and I hope they have a wonderful time.
I am so proud of my Dad :O)

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