Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Oh alright then!

Blimey! I just have to introduce you to my two sheep Hope and Charity. They are Coloured Ryelands and are a rare breed. White Ryelands are rare but Coloured ones even more so.

These two have been nagging the life out of me to get their mugs on here :O)

Originally we had three ewes Faith, Hope and Charity, unfortunately Faith died last year and I cried for about a week :O ( We went all the way to Anglesey from Derbyshire to fetch them, and we had been on a waiting list for ages waiting for some to become available. We have bred a few lambs but none this year (Faith died after having twins and I just couldn't face it) The twins did really well we bottle fed them, they survived and now live with my neighbour they are called Fifi and Frank.

I thought I would also put up a picture of them in their winter woolies so you can see how cute they are with their chocolate brown coats on. I just love the white around their muzzles, it looks like they have porridge for breakfast LOL.


  1. oh wow they re so cute I want one or two maybe three hmmmm, I learnt to spin wool at school lol

  2. Did you really? Coloured Ryelands are very highly regarded for the superior quality of their wool. Two of my babies now live a life of luxury in North Wales with a lovely lady who shows them and keeps them for their fleeces.