Saturday, 8 August 2009

Second lampwork ring

Second ring, originally uploaded by GoodMonkey.

Sorry I've not blogged for a few days, have been really busy and also I have got a bit of a summer sniffle. So I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself ;O) Yeah, yeah Monkey - enough of the whinging - get on with what you've popped in to say.

Any how I wanted to share this with you. It's the second ring I have made. I quite like the colours in this one but I prefer the other one with the silver disc rather than just the rivet on the top; Then again I like the hammered finish on the shank of this one. I have also made some beads but not having much luck getting decent photos to show you.

I have also got another ring half made, it's in the pickle at the moment but I will show it when I've finished. It's different in style to this, I might get to have another go at it tomorrow.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. I like the bead of the other one with the hammered shank of this one with the disc of the other

  2. Me too Karen ;O) I think that is how the next ones will be. Thanks for your comments I really do appreciate them x

  3. how would a hammered disc look on the ring or would it be too much?

  4. Karen - you must be psychic. I'm waiting for my disk cutter to arrive - I'm really excited about it and have got so many designs planned :O) I just hope I can afford all the silver I need to see them through LOL