Friday, 26 June 2009

Special treat for me today

I am a member of the glassy lampworking forum Frit Happens I recently signed myself up to take part in a bracelet/bead swap. I don't usually get involved in the swaps but couldn't resist having a go at this one. Whoop whoop wasn't I just the lucky one? For my swap partner I got the lovely, very talented, Charlotte Why don't you have a peek at her website...... go know you want to.
Good call Shelley. (I'm feeling a bit smug - I'm sure you can tell) I can't show you a photograph of the beads just yet because the blimmin battery ran out on my camera! Grrrrr. I promise as soon as I can I will put a photo up on here - worth waiting for I assure you.
I made two identical sets of beads as did Charlotte with the theme of "Hot Summer Nights" then we swapped. I got mine today along with a very generous gift of some murrine made by Charlotte. I now have to make two bracelets; same design - one for each of us. Charlotte is doing the same so we end up with two bracelets each - good eh?
I just hope I can do these beads justice, I've got loads of ideas and hopefully I will find time to have a go a making something this weekend. Yes of course I'll show you a picture when they're done.
Hope you've had something lovely happen to you today too.

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