Sunday, 28 June 2009

Mr Toad

I took my camera up to the ponies with me this morning and I’m glad I did. I needed to move some stone and when I lifted a big piece of rock up this little guy was hiding underneath. Do you know what type of toad he is? I have no idea but I suspect he is quite young. I don't know why he just looks young to me LOL

Here's a few pics of my own personal glassy toad. He is the first one I made and nowhere near good enough but I really enjoyed making him.

He is a bead and I made him myself after buying a tutorial from Teresa Lailberte. I've put the link to Teresa’s website below. Do go and visit; she is one seriously talented lady.

Do you know I never used my camera much before starting this blog. I’m really glad I started it now.

I just wish I could get good shots of my beads, still as we say in bead world, practice, practice, practice.

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