Thursday, 25 June 2009

Have you ever seen anything like this?

Have you ? This is an egg that one of my chickens laid and it doesn't have a shell! It's like a soft rubber egg, all sqidgy and flubber like but not not wet at all that would be just plain yucky! It feels sort of velvetty. Velvetty now what sort of a word it that?!
I've been keeping chickens for years and I've never seen anything like it so I thought you might like a peek. Before you ask, NO - I'm really sorry but you can't have it. I have already let one of my vet nursey friends have it she's going to pickle it so that her vet nursey students can see it. If you look really closely you can just see the orange yolk in the middle.
If we were living in Victorian times I would sell it to a travelling freak show and make my fortune :O)

Well what do you reckon? Bizarre or what?

Now then I really must go, I'm supposed to be writing my last two essays to complete a verrrry boring qualification I'm doing at the moment YAWN! Right then I'll start the ironing..........


  1. Wow Shelley, that's just.... I dunno - amazing, freaky, weird, cool!

  2. I freaked me out! I fondled it for ages....oh that just sounds sooooo wrong LOL

  3. LOL Shelley you sound so funny talking about fondling the egg!!!
    Nice to see you in blog land :o)
    Sam x