Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Charlottes beads, my bracelet

I promised you I would show you the bracelet I made with Charlottes beads didn't I? Well here it is....it represents a warm summers evening with the Brimstone moths coming out to play. The little spacer beads jingle alongside the nugget beads.

Check out Charlottes website here http://web.me.com/lethalfrog/Big_Bang_Beads/Home.html

I wish I could do that thing where you just put the word like "here" and it takes you straight to the link. Arrrrghhhh computer numptie!


  1. thats a fab bracelet , the beads are lovely

  2. Shelley, you can do that thing where you just put the word "here" and create a link. And 'tis easy!

    When you're creating your blog entry, highlight the word that you want to become the active link, and then when its highlighted, click on the "link" icon (chain and world) in your toolbar above the text entry box.

    It will open a window, and you enter the full web address in there.

    Hope that makes sense.!

    Oh, and its a lovely bracelet too!!

  3. Oh lovely Zelda from the planet Zog you are a complete gem - thank you xxx

  4. Nice bracelet I really like that