Sunday, 12 July 2009

Getting down and dirty......

I thought you might like to see some photos of my pony. I just managed to catch her having a roll in the mud. Why did I think you might like to see her? Well she is pretty isn't she? I just love the look in her eye on that third photo. The fringy thing is supposed to help keep the flies away from her face - a bit like one of those fly curtains I remember as a child. You know the ones with the long multi coloured plastic ribbons fluttering in the wind, the really tasteful one that Grandma used to have up at the kitchen door. Well until she went posh and bought a heavyweight plastic covered chain one that is.
Oh I had better mention the bandage on her leg, about 6 weeks ago I went up to her field and found her with a massive cut to her leg which went right down to the bone, shes on the mend now though. The reason I choose to have bright coloured bandages on her is so that when I drive past her field I can see if it has slipped down or not. She is a bit naughty sometimes when it's itchy she rubs it with her other back leg until the bandage is hanging around her ankle!
If you click on the pics they come up bigger.

Right if I'm quick she won't catch me having a roll

Ahhhhh thats nice

Oh bugga - caught in the act!

Yawn!....What do you mean having a roll in the mud? Not me, I must have been sleep rolling ;O)