Thursday, 16 July 2009


Excitement on the road last night.

As hubby and I were heading off to the local pub for the weekly quiz (yeah sad I know but hey it’s the only way to stop him working 24/7 and anyway it's fun and we get quiz, raffle and supper all for the princley sum of £1 - bummin good value for a quid I'd say).
Anyway - I digress. Back to what I was going to tell you.

Just as I was driving up the road hubby said to me “watch out for that lion” Lion!!!! I actually thought it was a huge dog because we do get a lot of dog walkers round our way. Turns out it was a calf and a very new calf at that. He was a gorgeous conker brown colour and he was out on the road. Eeeeek!!!!!

I went into ‘I’m a farmer and I’ll deal with this’ mode got out of the car and scared him away – that’s what a good farmer I would be!

We managed to herd him into lay-by near the gate and phone the local farmer who has cows and calves across the road; I’m on my way he said. Well what seemed like forever later he and his wife came only to inform us that he had checked his calves and had a count up (no wonder it took ages) none of his were missing. By this time the little chap had scrambled through a gap in the gate and got into the field with a herd of young cows/bullocks – that’s BULLOCKS!

It was very nearly dark by now and we phoned the farmer who the herd belonged to – no answer, so left a message on the answer phone – we found some discarded sheep wire and tied it with string to the gate so that he didn’t get out again (assuming that was where he belonged) we phoned the farmer again, and left another message to say we had mended the fence and he seemed to be OK so off we went.

I went to try to get a photo of the cute little guy this evening but couldn’t see him – I do hope he is OK. Of course farmer no.2 hasn’t returned our calls either to say the little chap is OK or indeed to say thank you!

P.S. We were rubbish at the quiz :O)


  1. Did you manage to find out what happened to him?

  2. I nipped up to the field where we left him and he was still there. I tried to get a photo but it was getting dark and the flash on my camera went off, at this point he ran off with his tail up in the air and that as they say was that!

    I'll try again but it's tiddling it down with rain at the mo.