Saturday, 18 July 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Jones!

I would like to introduce you to Mr. Jones!

Mr. Jones! is a Dales Pony and they are a very rare breed. On the Rare Breeds Trust watchlist their status is critical. This is a great shame as they are truly wonderful ponies who can turn a hoof to anything.
I bred Mr. Jones! myself and today is his third birthday. Oh and just as a side note he really does warrant the exclamation mark.

Here he is at about 6 months old. Cute eh?

And here he is today, he has had a whole packet of Polos to himself by way of a pressie and he was well chuffed. Three years old already - where does the time go?

Happy birthday gorgeous boy xxx


  1. I want a farm with loads of animals like yours!

  2. LOL Annelyse we don't live on a farm - I wish.

    We are lucky enough to have bought a field of our own though. Well I say lucky, hubby says otherwise ;O)